Introvert Fairy Tales: Snow White

Snow White escapes from her family who follow a strict fruitarian diet and flees into the forest. She is taken in by a bunch of kind and friendly men with stable jobs, but eventually the stress of living in a share house with seven other people who are fond of communal singing leads her to self-medicate and OD.

Her housemates take care of her as┬ábest they can, but don’t really understand the problem. Eventually a woodcutter comes along and mentions that he has a cottage not far from here, she’d have her own space and he’s a pretty quiet guy and is out a lot anyway so won’t get underfoot. Snow White nods and moves in to the small extra room in the cottage that very day.

Every second Saturday she goes to have lunch with her seven old housemates and they have a fantastic time (she still loves them dearly) and she has the two whole weeks to recover in peace and quiet.

Grumpy is vaguely jealous of Snow White’s new arrangement and is certain he’d have a different nickname if he got a bit of peace and quiet too. He has been seen hauling timber and construction tools to an undisclosed location.

Introvert Fairy Tales: Rapunzel

Rapunzel is happily sitting in her tower. She uses the quiet and solitude to study and reflect, becoming a leading expert in skyscraper engineering. Someone comes along and starts randomly shouting at her through the window to let him touch her and pull her hair. Whether or not he was drunk, this is completely inappropriate behaviour. She drops hardback books on his head until he goes away. She walks downstairs, collects her books, and goes back to her room. They all lived happily ever after (after the effects of the concussion wore off).