Introvert Fairy Tales: Red Riding Hood

Introvert Fairy Tales: Red was going to visit her Grandmother for Sunday brunch. Their standing arrangement was that she brought the baked goods and her Grandmother provided the best and strongest Italian coffee known to mankind. Unfortunately one of the downsides of living in a big city is constant hounding on the streets. Not even wearing the ubiquitous hoodie helped. On the way to the bakery from her small flat, Red had already been asked to change her mobile plan, attend four sales on cut price consumer electronics, two parties with live music, use a new brand of hand cream and give to no less than three charitable causes by people with fluorescent t-shirts, dazzling smiles and enviable but intimidating handshake strength.

Once the croissants had been acquired she was heartily sick of these unwanted interruptions. By the time she started getting wolf whistles from creepy guys making vulgar commentary on the size of her body parts, she was practically sprinting to her Grandmother’s house. How difficult should it be to move from Point A to Point B in a city unmolested?

When it came time to leave, her Grandmother (God bless her) brought out a gift for Red from her basket. Red opened the parcel to find an enormous pair of noise cancelling headphones. She was quietly thrilled. No unobtrusive earbuds for her any more, oh no, these things were like half melons on the side of her head.

On her way home the wolf whistles continued and the spruikers were still trapping the unsuspecting in their sales pitches masked as conversation, but Red’s journey was blissfully quiet.

6 thoughts on “Introvert Fairy Tales: Red Riding Hood

  1. This is AWESOME!!! I love how you made the “wolf” into wolf whistles and city molesters and hounders! Way to go, girly!!!

  2. “noise cancelling headphones”

    I love it. I carry a pair in my book sack with me and often put them on while at the house. It helps to sooth anxiety.

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