Introvert Fairy Tales: Ariel

Introvert fairy tales: Ariel grew up on a research boat with her dad. She had a happy childhood, helping him in his work as a marine biologist. When she got older her father decided she needed to come out of her shell and have more interaction with people.

She was invited to a party and asked to dance. It didn’t go so well. She never really got her land legs for a start and decided that, all in all, dancing wasn’t really her cup of tea. Everyone else was making small talk. She didn’t say much. She had nothing to contribute on the subjects of reality TV and celebrity gossip. She would happily have spoken for hours about something of substance, but this continual babble was boring her witless.

She went back out on the boat and continued the family vocation. She still doesn’t talk much, but she has been published in a couple of peer reviewed journals.

5 thoughts on “Introvert Fairy Tales: Ariel

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  2. “Very bad: being invited out,
    when your own room at home is quieter,
    the coffee is better,
    and you don’t have to make small talk.”

    from ‘What is bad’, by Gottfried Benn

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